AIM is a cart/trolley that functions as a link between objects, the home and people. Its mobile capacity provides the user with a piece of furniture that navigates ones spaces. This experience results in a better understanding of the home. As the home contains the cart, the cart contains the objects. Thus, it caters a specific experience with the assembly of objects it bares. Depending on the curation of objects, the role of the cart will change relative to the user’s need. AIM’s design is defined by the contrast of its two faces. One provides storage space and access whilst the other functions as a screen. It enables the user to present objects or conceal them.

Manufactured in steel, corian, and valchromat, AIM attempts to embrace the contemporary yet timeless nature of mobility within our private spaces.

"Self-identity is not restricted to making distinctions between oneself and significant others, but extends with no less importance to objects and things, and the very spaces and places in which they are found"
-Journal of Environmental Psychology (1983)