DUPLA is a ‘jamonero’ with two faces. A 'jamonero' (Spanish) is a ham support, used for properly cutting Iberian or Prosciutto legs. Since these are expensive and laborious foods to consume, most people will not be enjoying them throughout the whole year. Even so, the ‘jamonero’ has become a common object in many of these Spanish homes.

The DUPLA design is intended to address this issue of disuse by offering a collapsible ham support structure recessed in the wood. One is now is able to maintain the object in their kitchen as a cutting board or store it with ease. Aesthetically it is recognizably simple, deriving from the intent of honoring the innate beauty of the materials used. The main volume is of natural Galician oak, whereas the rest of the structure and frame is all stainless steel.

Two materials, two uses and two faces. DUPLA tries to simplify the ham cutting experience, incorporating it into our lives and spaces.