DESIGN - selected projects

︎︎︎- LECTUS - 2023
Hand knit wool upholstery, nylon and tinted pine wood
180 x 85 x 51 cm

Lectus is a daybed made from tinted pine wood, nylon and a knitted
custom-designed upholstery. It derives its name from the Roman lectus, a couch used when receiving guests at the Triclinium.

This design interprets the daybed as an elevation from the floor, requiring its own architecture and pavement in order to sustain weight. From this, Miguel Leiro has collaborated with textile designer Ines Quezada to develop a custo upholstery derived from roman mosaics and flooring.

The Greek chair typology ́Klismos ́ translated to ́supplied with a back ́, evolved to the ́Kline ́ which is a combination of the bed and sofa. It can be argued that these typologies are fruit not just of the influence of Egypt but also with that o their Persian invaders. These cultural exchanges became very much consolidated within the Roman triclinium where this banquet room became composed of various ́lectus ́ or ́tricilinia ́. The roman couch can be thus interpreted as a hybrid between the dignifying feature of the back support alon with the arguably asian proclivity towards lounging in social spaces.

︎︎︎- DORIC CHOP - 2023 
Onyx and plexiglass
40 x 38 x 16 cm

DORIC CHOP is a decagon (10 sided) lamp designed to function as an ony and plexiglass light-box. It can be placed either on the floor or above a credenza or large table.

As the name implies, the lamp takes reference from the classical geometry integrated in architecture up until today. In this case, the lamp alludes to the ruin of a column, commonly found at archaeological sites. This nostalgic yet playful hint helps us to understand the lamp as the fruit of a translation fro a derelict architectural element to that of a functional object.

In the Triclinium, lighting was supplied by terracotta lanterns, held in place by bronze ̈candelabrum ̈, translated to lamp stands. The Doric Chop design plays onto this notion by interrelating the image of the lamp stand with the column, but sliced.

︎︎︎- RELIQUARY - 2021 
Tinted Pine Wood 

A storage-sideboard piece inspired by the religious container object commonly understood as reliquary.

The object is made up of storage spaces of approximately 30 centimeters, in which one can decide to store either their valuable objects or most banal possessions. Thus, this piece of furntiture can be understood as both an exhibitor or storage unit.

This design is the result of a formal and conceptual exercise regarding the objects that surround us and the relationships that can be established with our own belongings through furniture.

photos by Daniel Jordan Pompa

︎︎︎- 3 x 3 ROOM DIVIDER - 2020 - For Panoramah! Anodized Aluminum and Brass

This room divider design is result of a brieifing from Panoramah!, an award-winning swiss window brand specialized in aluminum casement systems. They challenged a select group of designers to reinterpret their materials in order to develop an exclusive furniture collection for their showrooms. 
3, a sacred number, can be interpreted as a generato of construction systems, both material an meaning. With this in mind, the articulation of a new screen will be based on this digit to propose both new way of showing the material possibilities of aluminum (cut, bent and anodized) to generate
new interpretations around how to use this object to articulate a space.

photos by Geray Mena

︎︎︎- RESORTE - 2019 -  For Lovisual Festival
Stainless Steel

For the Lovisual festival in Logroño Spain, I was briefed to intervene the 'Tobiana' butcher shop through an addition to its exterior space attached to the premises. The design of a new bench pays homage to the industry and materiality of the food industry, stainless steel. Through this material, a curved tube spring comes to life, resembling a spiral ‘chorizo’. The intervention is designed so that the public can use it as a bench and maybe even as a bicycle rack. This double functionality aims to  entice a sense of doubt in the viewer. 
photos by Asier Rua

︎︎︎ - TALKING HEADS - 2017 - Private Commissión

Talking Heads is an outdoor bench design, suitable for both public and private use. It is intended to be manufactured in modules, where each part can function in isolation or in unison with another. Each piece is cut from a solid block of granite with a diamond wire saw. It’s design is meant to take advantage of this machine process, reducing to a maximum the amount of hand work.

Once set up, the design provides flexibility to its users. The sculptural appearance is backed by a series of different functional possibilities. These can be that of sitting, laying, resting objects upon, viewing,etc…

︎︎︎ - AIM CART - 2016 

AIM is a cart/trolley that functions as a link between objects, the home and people. Its mobile capacity provides the user with a piece of furniture that navigates ones spaces. This experience results in a better understanding of the home. As the home contains the cart, the cart contains the objects. Thus, it caters a specific experience with the assembly of objects it bares. Depending on the curation of objects, the role of the cart will change relative to the user’s need. AIM’s design is defined by the contrast of its two faces. One provides storage space and access whilst the other functions as a screen. It enables the user to present objects or conceal them.

︎︎︎ - DUPLA JAMONERO - 2016 

DUPLA is a ‘jamonero’ with two faces. A 'jamonero' (Spanish) is a ham support, used for properly cutting Iberian or Prosciutto legs. Since these are expensive and laborious foods to consume, most people will not be enjoying them throughout the whole year. Even so, the ‘jamonero’ has become a common object in many of these Spanish homes.

The DUPLA design is intended to address this issue of disuse by offering a collapsible ham support structure recessed in the wood. One is now is able to maintain the object in their kitchen as a cutting board or store it with ease. Aesthetically it is recognizably simple, deriving from the intent of honoring the innate beauty of the materials used. The main volume is solid oak, whereas the rest of the remaining structure and frame is stainless steel.

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